5MALUNAI Gallery Vilnius, Lithuania
in collaboration with Milica Janković
curated by Edit Fándly

Exhibition was a part of Vilnius Cultural Night 2017

Deconstructed intimacy_photo Eliska Kovacikova (2)

Deconstructed Intimacy is a visual manifestation of a dialogue between two artists Milica Janković and Eliška Kováčiková, currently guest students at Vilnius Academy of Arts. As an outcome of their interaction with the space, the exhibition displays a complex installation, a combination of two dimensional drawings and three dimensional forms. The particulars of the installation circulating around the same subject intending to unfold several layers of the intimacy in the process of deconstruction. Through material diversity and conceptual integrity, the show plays with the observers’ expectation.

Deconstructed intimacy_photo Eliska Kovacikova (1).jpg


Deconstructed intimacy_photo Eliska Kovacikova (6).jpg


obr3.jpgMilica Janković & Edit Fándly & Eliška Kováčiková (exhibiting artists with curator)

final poster tumblr.jpg