Project deals with issues connected with nuclear power and its effect on everything what does live and everything what does not anymore…Main focus of the site-specific installation and video-work is to show unpredictability, moment of surprise which is deeply connected with nuclear disasters. More info about project on:

The art-installation and video made by Eliska Kovacikova




The Site-specific installation is part of group exhibition “Demolition house: A Home Named Krimi” (Imatra, 2018) as the very last art exhibition before the whole building will be demolished. …the installation will be demolished with its space too…

Transparent foil, black acryl – 2018

The art-installation and video made by Eliska Kovacikova

More info about the project:




The entire project consists drawings and video-piece, all made during period 2015 – 2018. The drawings show an initial stage of using this medium as a main and the most honest medium in larger scale to analyse different spaces, which surround us. All compositions reflect diverse abstract points of perception. Whole project is based on social and political criticism, it points to hierarchy structures and emptiness of the present world.

The art-installation, video and sound made by Eliska Kovacikova.


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