Eliška Kováčiková solo show – Galéria Artotéka, Bratislava 10 June – 14 July 2022

The word ‘interface’ by definition is a point where two systems, subjects, organizations, etc. meet and interact. A point where two previously separate entities create a common ground, so to speak a binary and transitional connection. In this momentary face, you cannot comprehend only one without the presence of the other. Being in the middle of an interface, who can tell the difference between construction or destruction, between creation and decreation, fragments and whole, past and future, or dark and bright?

Eliška Kováčiková has chosen this exact definition as a point of departure for her exhibition. The show is an experimental approach, another chapter of her long-term engagement with space analysis. The current phase of this journey plays with the ambiguity of the meaning of ‘interface’, as a space, as a state of mind, as a philosophical question or as a metaphor. Eliška not only implements the notion’s very core meaning into the physical appearance of the exhibition by using the already given spatial layout, but also used it in the process of the artworks’ creation, both formally and conceptually.

The displayed works are specifically created for this show. They might vary in media and technique, but they hold a common ground: they all manifest and are part of an interface at the same time: how a fragmented and visually deconstructed bridge is reborn through our glance, or how a printed image slowly plays an appear-disappear game. By walking from one room to another and wandering among the exhibited works we can sense how fascinating it could be to be inside an interface. Where there is no beginning or end, just this fragile but extremely harmonious space and us.

Edit Fándly, curator