Parallel Expansion of Accumulative Intersection

Space-specific drawing installation consists from the fragments of the maps (historical maps) of specific places from Örebro city as well as from the fragments of drawings from the same places and their condition in real time.

Crucial aspect of the artwork is to visually define diverse environmental stages through the time and their common relations.

final 6.JPG

Whole drawing installation is concentrated to the space analysis and its transformation from the past till present and it offers different points of view from different angles, depending on observer´s position.




The collaboration with archive was crucial moment for my artistic practice related with this project. Since the beginning I had big fascination in maps and their transformative properties through the centuries. I started to work with different compositions reflecting the fragments of the maps and combine them with the drawings of real places (from present), same which were drowned and marked on the maps. My aim was to erase the boundary of time in different space using one composition, showing multiple point of view of the same place but diverse time perspective. I started to work with three-dimensional drawing (drawing of space in the space) which includes many different compositions from different angles.






Final installation:

Art work is part of the group exhibition “No one owns time” in Örebro Läns Museum (Sweden), on view till May 27th 2018.

final 1.JPG

final 2.JPG

final 3 (2).JPG

final 4.JPG

final 5.JPG

final 7.jpg

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