‘Obscuratus’ was a site-specific installation as a part of a collaborative exhibition together with Christine Dahl Helweg-Larsen representing the Detroit Stockholm gallery booth at Supermarket Art Fair 2023 in Stockholm. Main point of departure for this collaborative exhibition was the construction of a ribcage. Through combining a site-specific installation, a sculptural object and a video work, wood, glass and silicone become united in their shadows.

material: wood/metal

‘Obscuratus‘ was created from recycled wood slats of a house exterior wood cladding and metal elements. The installation is inspired by a rib cage, as an inner construction of the body, as a hidden structure that carries its weight. It’s been exposed and crashed under pressure and reborn again. It was built in a demolished form, levitating in the air with its cracked joints, opening up and letting this pressure go.

The formal appearance of the artwork is related to my long-term fascination with environments and their invisible, hidden, or unseen elements, diverse shapes and construction sites or other temporary structures, and the space between them.

The inner dynamism of these structures—creation and destruction, disappearance, appearance, transformation—fascinates and inspires me both formally and conceptually.