Solo exhibition at Galleri Frihamnstorget 11 – 28 / 11 / 2021

Retrospection’s Part 1 consists of three non-identical artworks. A multiple-layer composition stretched on wooden frame flows vertically or reversed. It has layers, and alike time, it moves through several fragments. The bottom layer inspired by the notion of collapse, which revokes destruction but also a new beginning. It repeats, it never ends.

Retrospection’s Part 2, also entitled The Work of Transition, is a third version of the same piece installed differently than before. First appearance: dispersed all around; then stretched tight on frame and finally now hung up and placed on the floor. This piece has a three year-long transition period, during which it lost its form but gained new shape. It’s present now but many parts are absent. Its own appearance reflects its disappearance.

Retrospection’s Part 3 is an analogy for threshold. It expresses the importance of the moment: the point of entering into a certain space with our perception, acknowledgment of the borders, lines, shapes and structures. A contemplation of being inside, outside or part of the space simultaneously.


The Retrospection series explores the ambiguity between the notions of presence and absence in form of drawing, painting and collage. Fragments dispersed all over around, some of them are present, some are absent. A structure – made by a complex and fragile line. It is temporary and easily dissolvable. The line expresses our perception. Alike fragments of our memory. Memory and its authenticity. Both formally and conceptually, the fragment plays a crucial role in this exhibition. Being different in scale and displayed in various positions, it aims to manifest the contrast of the order/disorder dichotomy. The composition, as a fragmental scale that contains myriads of elements, reflects the hierarchy system(s), as a mirror of the humankind and its presence/absence in the world.