3 – 20 June 2021 Detroit Stockholm

A structure – made by a complex and fragile line. It is temporary and easily dissolvable. The line expresses our perception. Like fragments of our memory. Memory and its authenticity.

Material: Charcoal drawing on canvas/ black marker on plastic film

The site-specific installation ‘OCCURRENCE’ presents an experimental approach, another chapter of the artist’s long-term engagement with space analysis, unfolded in various media. The current phase of this journey intends to unfold and explore several notions and dichotomies through positioning the artistic investigation in the context of installation-observer relation. Construction-deconstruction; absence – presence; contact – separation; unawareness – awareness; negative – positive space, are not only subjects of this inquiry, but also leitmotivs in Kovacikova’s oeuvre. The observer’s position is a vital factor for the installation. Two crucial elements of the installation (the background charcoal drawing and the black lines on the foil) can be seen aligned only from a certain viewpoint, so the visitor is intentionally encouraged to find a position where the artwork is complete and the fragments connected. The act of passing the installation and searching for the correct angle creates a perceptual illusion/sensation, which might make the visitor uncertain whether they are part of the installation or merely observers. As a physical and metaphorical transition of the power-positions.