Pervasive Multitude

Project was a part of TEDxKTH event “Power of One” installed in Reactor Hall R1 in Stockholm (30m undergroud) in December 2017


The conceptual background of this drawing installation is deeply connected to the terms such as humanity, industrialisation, human´s development, its power and dynamics. The composition is a visual expression of analysis of the aspects of mankind-power relations and the individual, as well as collective forces. Through the installation you can see the artistic process of searching the definition of the notions “one” and “several” in philosophical and psychological context.

The form of the art piece has a strong and dynamic movement which relates to the power. All power is concentrating in the point of perspective where the whole energy is absorbed. The direction of the movement is not clearly defined, which arises an open question: is the power originating from the individual and tends to the collective or reverse, from the collective to individual?

The composition is based on fragments, different in scale and displayed in various positions, by manifesting the contrast of the order/disorder dichotomy. The composition, as a fragmental scale contains myriads of elements, reflects the hierarchy system(s), as a mirror of the humankind and its presence in the world. 

part of the installation 2.jpg

part of the installation.jpg




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